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Outsourcing can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes in terms of resolving operational concerns. Outsourcing non-essential business tasks enable your organization to concentrate on its core competencies. Additionally, outsourcing theoretically enables you to recruit the brightest and greatest people without regard for geographical or temporal limits.

Outsourcing to Eastern Europe is becoming more popular as a result…

Table of Content

1. Introduction

2. Top 7 Best Software Outsourcing Practices

2.1 Keep your code simple and clean

2.2 Define your software outsourcing objectives

2.3 Keep security in mind

2.4 Be ready to face cultural differences

2.5 Take the portfolio seriously

2.6 Use project management tools

2.7 Build relations between key managers

3. The Verdict


As we all know, nowadays more and more companies are outsourcing their software development needs. With perks like lower costs, access to a large tool, and probably faster time-to-market, it’s no wonder that outsourcing is obtaining traction.

Choosing a reliable development team makes all…


How hard is it to create an app? This is a question we get asked a lot, but there’s no easy way to answer it. Various apps serve as a frontend to powerful databases and backend systems, designed over decades to overcome the most complex problems in science, math, and business. The team “application” covers a lot of ground, from complex feats of technological wizardry to unbelievable simple gadgets.

Over the last decade, the blogs have mentioned hundreds of app startups that have popped up from nowhere and sold for billions after a few months. After reading so many articles…

1. Introduction

2. What is outsourcing in software development?

3. Benefits of software development outsourcing

3.1 Reduced costs — Recruitment, Training, and Benefits Cost Savings

3.2 Time Savings

3.3 Software development experts and professionals

3.4 Flexibility

3.5 First turn-around time

4. Final Words


Entrepreneurs are bringing new and innovative ideas every day to solve the world’s problems whether it is for the customer market, remote work software, or healthcare to help businesses to increase potential and operational efficiency. Outsourcing software development is one of the leading and widely used practices by popular software, and it is expected that the number…

Software as a tool is no longer a buzz! All businesses from startups to SMEs, multi-nationals, privately-owned ones are found trending towards the concept. We have reached a point where software has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Like it or not, businesses irrespective of their industry are bound to invest a great deal of effort, time, and money to come up with software that caters varying needs of the buyer.

Table of Content

IT organizations, when deciding to build or buy, tend to devote resources to either custom software application development or look for commercial-off-the-shell (COTS) solutions. And since we are living in a world full of options to buy, sell, collaborate, choosing a service, in particular, can be pretty overwhelming.

Introducing COTS

When to rely on a COTS Software

Advantages of Opting for COTS Solutions

Introducing Custom Software Development

When to rely on Custom Software Development

Advantages of Opting for Custom Development Solutions

COTS Vs Custom Software Development

#1 Build Purpose

#2 Usability

#3 Cost


With the changing times, we have…

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Going back several years, before the dominance of the Cloud and Intranet, security was the sole responsibility of IT admins. The scenario back then was pretty straightforward. Systems do not really offer much control to end-users because there was hardly anybody that uses personal devices at work.

The situation now is extremely different. Tools such as Office 365 and SharePoint enable users to build their own content repositories and websites, and almost everybody uses a smartphone or tablet at work. Ensuring security in SharePoint is a joint responsibility of the IT admins and the end-users. …

Chatbot apps are tools used for talking or making conversations with people, over the web, using different behaviors that mimic that of humans, powered usually by NLP as well as NLU. There are a couple of chatbot applications, such as the major ones, which are Goal-Oriented, or G-O, and P-O, or the Purpose-Oriented. Bots that are open-ended are there for a conversation and would talk to you until you want to. Moreover, the design behind it has no ulterior motive.

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Chatbot Apps in Mobiles

In mobile app development these days, it makes sense to use Chatbot apps. The bots could…


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